The Blueprint is a model of school district reconfiguration – one that defines district and building systems, along with the responsibilities of those systems, in order to “…improve student, teacher, and leader performance in a short amount of time.”  This systemic reconfiguration for Romulus purposefully disrupts current practice to create a new structure of coherent, aligned district and building systems to ensure success for each student that we serve.   As part of our work with the Blueprint, our district is supported by the MiExcel State-Wide Field Team (or SWFT) in order to understand how the systems work in our district to best meet the needs of our students.  Romulus Community Schools is committed to providing systems of support for leaders, teachers, and students as we install the Blueprint, and believe that with our collective responsibility as professionals to educate each child, we can and will create opportunities for each child to become all that they can be in school and in life.

Mi-Excel Blueprint