This Building Network is defined as the building principal, other building administrators (if any), and teacher leaders who often comprise the building’s leadership team. This team, much like the District Network represents the district needs, recognizes and reinforces the sense of urgency … ”to realize dramatic improvement in student, teacher, and leader performance in a short amount of time.” The Building Network strives to sustain that level of urgency throughout the building that is anchored in a culture of collective responsibility that is collegial, collaborative, and professional.  Specifically, the Building Network ensures that the district efforts go to scale – or are installed throughout every building and classroom.  The Building Network leverages the systems established by the District Network so that teachers and leaders understand and utilize systems to improve performance and attain year-long goals.  Building Networks are established at the Lobby level of Blueprint installation, after the District Network sets visions for High-Quality Instruction in each subject area, the vision for the Intense Student Support Network (meeting the non-academic needs of students), and uses the Driver Systems in order to analyze data, make decisions based on student need, and inform the district on student and staff needs.