Every effort should be used to follow the Chain of Command in communicating. The building administrators are responsible for the operation of the building. Any concerns must first be brought to the attention of the principal. If a problem is not addressed at that building level, the next level is the Central Office Director, if appropriate, if not resolved a meeting is scheduled with the superintendent. Superiors cannot address issues and concerns if they are not aware of them. Most problems and resolutions can be dealt with professionally if communication lines remain open. Failure to follow the chain of command undermines the supervisory process and could result in disciplinary actions. 

Contact the following individuals on matters of:

  • Curriculum, Grants, Programming and Professional Development - Director of Grant and Curriculum
  • Special Education and School Safety - Director of Student Services
  • Facilities and Finances, Transportation, Payroll, Insurance - Director of Business and Facilities
  • Personnel Matters - Director of Human Resource
  • Students or Parent Matters - Superintendent