Internal Communication - At either the district or building level, relevant information that leadership would expect to be known and understood by everyone will be communicated electronically using the district’s email system.

One-way communication - Information Only

  • All Romulus Community employees are expected to utilize and monitor their email accounts at least twice daily (once in the morning and once in the afternoon at an absolute minimum).
  • All Romulus Community employees are responsible for the information communicated via email.
  • Staff’s physical school mailboxes will be used only for information that is to be distributed to students, parents, notes for employees, etc.

To assist the receiver in distinguishing what action, if any, should be taken when in receipt of email communications, the following codes in the subject line of the email will be used to assist in managing the communication as efficiently as possible:

Two-way Communication – Information and Feedback Requested

  1. RR – Reply Required. The sender of the email expects that not only will receivers read the email, but they will also respond back to the sender within 24 hours.
  2. FUL – Follow-Up Loop. See diagram
  3. RA – Reply to All. The sender of the email expects that all receivers will respond to the group message in 24 hours or less.
  4. CC or BCC - it is not intended that this reader reply. These receivers should consider the email as “No Reply Necessary.”


The district will utilize calendars for the effective communication of all dates and events. While all individual staff members have their private calendars, the District will maintain four essential calendars that are shared. All RCS employees are responsible for the information
found in the three District calendars.

  1. K-12 Assessment - District-wide
  2. Professional Learning & Meetings (All professional learning events,
  3. District meetings, Building-wide meetings, School improvement meetings, etc.) District-wide
  4. Community Calendar – Managed by Central Office/Buildings (i.e., PTA meetings, ice cream socials, conferences, sports events, etc.) District-wide Building Calendar-Managed by the building (staff meeting, student/parent meetings, etc.) things specific to the school and community would not be invited to participate) Building-wide