The District Network is a team of leaders from across the district that is led by the superintendent to define and enhance systems in order to “…improve student, teacher, and leader performance in a short amount of time.”  The superintendent, along with central office administrators, building administrators, union representatives, and board members work collaboratively to guide purposeful systemic reconfiguration and to sustain the organization’s sense of urgency in realizing a dramatic improvement in student, teacher, and leader performance in a short amount of time.  The District Network is currently working on Mechanical Level components of the Blueprint, by creating and/or defining systems and policies needed to support Blueprint components, and removes barriers that impede rapid, dramatic improvement for students and staff.  This team of educators promotes the urgency of changing practices in order to best serve our students and staff.  The District Network meets twice a month in formal meetings and works outside of those meetings to create and enhance systems and policies that improve district performance.  

The District Network establishes systems in four key areas in order to support student and staff success across the district:  

  1. Instructional Infrastructure – providing visions of High-Quality Instruction, Curriculum and Assessments, and an improvement process with support for all areas of instruction.
  2. Intense Student Support Network – providing visions of a Safety Net to best meet each student’s non-academic needs for social, emotional, nutritional, and health needs, and providing a system to deliver on those needs.
  3. Talent Management – providing the district with recruitment, retention, and growth supports for all positions, aligning role specific work to student success, evaluating systems to grow capacity for staff members, and systems to grow district capacity
  4. Leadership Network – providing learning focused partnerships between central office administrators and building leaders to focus on data collection and analysis, provide solutions to barriers, and improvement of instruction and student results.  This partnership also identifies potential policies needed to improve results, support and grow instructional leadership, and allocate resources based on student needs.

The District Network also establishes three key driver systems in order to bridge the gap between district and buildings in these three areas:

  1. Communications Driver System – defining systems and expectations for how the urgency of the blueprint work is advancing, communication protocols for staff members, and providing two-way communication throughout the district.
  2. Problem Solving Driver System – defining a protocol for how the district looks at and analyzes data to make informed decisions, identify barriers to improvement, and support leaders and teachers in understanding student outcomes.
  3. Performance Management System – defining a system for ongoing monitoring of district and Blueprint systems to ensure expectations are being met, identifying barriers to rapid improvement, and improving district systems.