The Romulus Community Schools Intense Student Support Network is an empowering, systematic structure that ensures we meet each student’s non-academic needs (Care, Support, Safety, and Membership) to eliminate barriers and develop the confidence for high academic achievement.

We believe that all adults take part in and work to enhance the following GUIDING PRINCIPLES as part of our high expectations for high achievement for every student, every day as we live out the ISSN Vision:


  • The academic needs of each student are met
  • The social-emotional needs of each student are met
  • The physical and nutritional needs of each student are met


  • We support groups of students and individual students
  • Appropriate wrap-around resources are leveraged to meet the needs of students
  • There are tiers of support for individuals and/or groups based on their needs


  • All adults protect each student by meeting their physical and emotional needs
  • All adults protect each student from harm or danger
  • The needs of students are met through a humanistic approach
  • Students are responsible for the safety of themselves and each other


  • The environment ensures students feel they belong to a community
  • Each student and his/her family are welcomed and appreciated in our learning community
  • We respond to the cultural needs of our students and families