January 15
@ 1:00 pm
District Event

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For many African Americans, other Freedom Fighters, and historians, the 1960s Civil Rights Movement came with a big, personal, private, and public sacrifice. But those living under Jim Crow in the South, endured daily atrocities that extended well before any national movement or progress. Lynchings. Marches. Hosings. Hatred.  Ku Klux Klan. Intimidation. Segregation. Separate and unequal. Not just made for tv but daily occurrences in the lives of many in The South.  

Only a few Americans living through this hideous time period remain alive to tell their story. On Friday, January 15, 2021, at 1:00 PM, Rev. Dr. Clarence Edmondson, 85 years old, a native of Fairfield, Alabama, a suburb of Birmingham, will grace RCS with his story entitled, "Growing Up in Jim Crow Era in Alabama." We will honor MLK Day on this day. No singing. No dancing. No euphoric feelings. Simply truth.

Born and raised in Fairfield (1935 - 1955) of a coal miner and seamstress, he spent his entire childhood and adolescence as a product of Jim Crow and the son of Ben and Mamie. Only having black teachers, the love of his family and close-knit community, and several positive black role models, he was prepared to attend Talladega College, a historically black college, for his formal education, as "choice" was not abundant. Despite unimaginable obstacles, his success is documented and legendary in some circles. Dr. Edmondson, my father, is the testament to defying odds and expectations, and I am honored

He will be presenting to us via YouTube Live (https://youtu.be/QdrOGyfhT2U). We encourage you to join. The elder Dr. Edmondson very much would like to answer any and all questions you may have as a result of his presentation and hopes to impact your understanding of the strides and progress made for many African Americans and their families in spite of the de jure and de facto obstacles.

Let us welcome Dr. Clarence Edmondson to the Romulus Community Schools Family.

Superintendent, Dr. Edmondson