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Chromebook Distribution will continue at each individual school.  Please contact individual schools to arrange a pick-up. 

Internet/Hotspot/WiFi: At this time, there are a limited number of Sprint/T-Mobile hotspots available.  RCS can and will provide more as they become available.  To ensure the proper and required internet filtering, the hotspots will be connected to RCS provided Chromebooks ONLY.  

As we continue our virtual learning, Chromebooks are still available for students.  If needed, Sprint/T-Mobile hotspots are also available.  We are aware of some issues with various Chromebooks and/or hotspots.  Please know that we are actively working to resolve these issues. If need be, they can be simply exchanged.  Please see our Student Tech Support page for additional help and utilize our Student Help Desk system.  The Google Resource page contains numerous tips.

Hotspot tips

  • A hotspot is basically a cell phone that provides internet
  • If a cell phone has bad reception, the hotspot could also have bad reception
  • ONLY the RCS Chromebook can connect to the hotspot
  • Place the hotspot near a window for better reception
  • The Chromebook does not need to be directly next to the hotspot but stay in the same room
  • The hotspot can go to "sleep" when not in use, quickly press the button to "wake up"
  • Charge it at night

Internet Hotspot Request       

Don’t forget! All K-12 families must complete the Back to School Registration to be eligible for a device.

For students in need of a Chromebook, the steps are as follows:

  • Complete the One2One User Agreement portion of the Back-to-School Registration in ParentConnection at least 24 hours of scheduled pickup times. 

Please note that accepting the One2One User Agreement is required to receive a device.  Not accepting the agreement indicates no need for a device.

  • RVLC Students must coordinate their device with Mrs. Gowen

Note for Kindergarten Parents:  Due to circumstances out of our control, a Chromebook can be issued now while we wait for the more age-appropriate devices to arrive.  Once the age-appropriate devices arrive you will be notified when and how to complete an exchange of devices.