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Good afternoon Romulus Families,

We are excited to begin moving toward online learning and would like to share a few details on how students will continue connecting with their teachers.  Please look for communication from your student’s principal and teachers for more specific information. The most important focus this week is getting students online and setting up a routine and schedule for learning.  High school, Middle school, and some Elementary classes are already online. The goal is to have the entire district communicating with one another electronically. The beginning of a program always has lessons learned, so we would like to tackle any electronic communication issues during this week.

Online Lessons

This link (www.romulus.net/online-learning-lab) provides lots of information for online learning, including daily and weekly schedules for classes at each level: elementary, middle, and high school.  Please understand that in this online and at-home learning environment, the goal is not for students to work for 6 hours straight!  The daily and weekly schedule is used as a guide for what students should be able to accomplish over the course of the day.

Online Folders

When you click on the box for each grade, you will find the actual documents that teachers will use in their packets (elementary), and inside Google Classroom (their online classrooms) for Middle and High School.  They have been provided online so that you know what is being referenced on the schedule. Teachers will make weekly contact with you and your student via email and phone to make sure that information is received and understood.

Laptops Devices for Online Learning

Because we are beginning with Middle School and High School learning online, we want to make sure that families who don’t have a device can pick up a Chromebook.  If you have a middle school or high school student, you should have already received notification information on Chromebook Distribution (one per RCS household: student ID numbers will be verified). The device request  (https://bit.ly/2XNzsaL) form should be completed online before picking up a device. Please note that Chromebook devices ONLY work with internet service.  Many providers are offering free internet to qualifying households. Please see (https://bit.ly/2KhFSqK) for internet providers.  If you did NOT receive the information, please call (734) 532-1645 or email techsupport@romulusk12.org.

Paper Learning Packets

This week, paper learning packets will be available Monday-Thursday at the food pick-up stations from 10am-12pm (Elementary only). Even though middle and high school learning will be done online, packets for those who may need them will be available upon request. 

Food Service (RCS Food Servicem Forgotten Harvest, and Gleaners)

We will continue providing food service at all 5 locations Monday-Thursday this week.  On Thursday, and every following Thursday, 6 meals will be provided to families to be used throughout the week.  We will continue our grocery giveaway partnership with Forgotten Harvest on Tuesdays at the high school (2pm-5pm), and for this Wednesday only (4/22), Gleaners will provide groceries at the middle school from 2:30pm-5:30pm.  We are so pleased to be able to add these options. 

Questions to be Clarified by your Child's Schools:

Creadits & Grades

Credit for 2nd Semester will be earned on a Pass/Fail basis.  Because High School Students receive credit and GPAs, they will have options for receiving grades. More clarifying information will be provided in the upcoming weeks.

Class of 2020 - Senior Festivities/Graduation

You will be receiving communication from the high school concerning Senior Credit, Grades and Graduation Details.  We are still unclear as to what will happen in the state of Michigan in the next 6 weeks, so we are all watching and waiting for updates.

Special Education Services

Because Special Education services are customized to the student, there can be no blanket answers for services. If your child receives Special Education services, please be available for his/her Caseload Manager’s call or email to support your child directly.

Special thanks to our administrators,  teachers, staff, the School Board, the Technology Team, the teachers’ union (REA), the maintenance team, Foodservice Team, and Central Office Staff.  

Specific Links for Information:

The Romulus Online Learning Lab 

(this is where the lessons and weekly information are found)

Chromebook Request Form:

(Needs to be completed before picking up a device)

Free internet service options


The Mental Health Hotline

Call this line just to talk or to get help coping with these challenging times.