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Online Learning

RCS Families, 

Due to the increased infection rate of COVID, and our desire to keep students and staff healthy and safe, there will be no in-person or online learning Monday, January 3rd, or Tuesday, January 4th.  School will resume, Wednesday, January 5th as live virtual remote learning and will continue through Friday, January 14th as live virtual remote learning.

Monday and Tuesday will be used by staff to prepare for the virtual remote learning and to allow students to pick up any needed Chromebooks from their schools.  Please wait for further communication regarding pick-up times and more information.

A 5-day meal package will be ready for needed families on Tuesday at 10am from Door #22 at Romulus High School. 

We are already scheduled to be off Monday, January 17th in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King.  We hope to return to in-person instruction on Tuesday, January 18th.

Any families looking for a COVID Testing Site, please see:

  1. All pharmacies are doing testing -CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid
  2. Michigan Department of Health, 33640 Michigan Ave, Wayne
  3. MI Express Care Urgent Care, 44237 Michigan Ave, Canton
  4. Express Docs Urgent Care 13739 Huron River Drive, Romulus (734) 941-0895
  5. Beaumont Urgent Care 34435 Michigan Ave, Wayne (734) 589-1254


Thank you and stay safe,
Romulus Community Schools