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Good Afternoon RCS Families:

We have been busy preparing for the school year, which will be different for all of us. In no way does "different" suggest a lack of preparation, a reduction of expectations and standards of learning, or compromised professionalism. Staff has been preparing in every possible manner. Believe me when I state that RCS is Realigned. Reshaped. Reimagined. Enrollment of students is the lifeline of schools. Without such, schools are forced to close and communities fail. RCS is committed to being a vibrant part of Western Wayne County and will soon be the destination spot for families wanting the best education for their children. We have a plan that will be revealed in the coming weeks that will energize our supporters and attract those who once opted to "choice out."

At this time, registration is now open electronically and in-person. If you opt for the traditional method of visiting your local school, please do so with the understanding that you must not only wear a mask but take the COVID questionnaire posted on the front of all doors. Our administrative assistants are prepared to enroll your children at this time. In the event you are not treated warmly or do not feel welcomed throughout any part of the enrollment process, please contact my office immediately at 734-532-1600. In no circumstance is this appropriate. Everyone on our payroll is accountable to the taxpayers in Romulus, and you should expect nothing but a welcoming spirit upon visiting our buildings.

Excuse any of our construction projects going on at the moment. COVID has impacted all aspects of society including the completion of renovations. We, again, are thankful for your support of our Sinking Fund, and we will continue to utilize tax dollars wisely.

Please know that I reminded all our staff of Romulus Community Schools, Board Policy, Section 7000-Instructional Program, subsection 7175, Parent(s) Guardian(s) Involvement Policy. The Board of Education is specific on its expectations that staff establish "effective partnerships between the school and the student's parent and family." This is our duty and is outlined in Board Policy. This means we are expected, in a COVID world or not, to extend ourselves to you, our families. In fact, D. Learning at Home, subsection 7175-3 states its expectations by "helping families to provide a school and home environment that encourages learning and extends learning at home." In practice, this looks like RCS staff making contacts with families in a personal manner, establishing expectations for not only your children but you as well. Many parents are looking for our direction in shaping the educational experiences of their children.  You cannot be expected to "just know" how to help your child. You should look to us for not only guidance, but our experience and expertise. Conversely, we expect our parents to be partners. No matter how frightened you may be of math, science, English, or social studies, engaging with your child matters (even a small bit). The only way WE can maximize your child's learning is to work cooperatively throughout his/her schooling experience.

Consider a few of the following:

  • Interacting with your child during lessons
  • Contacting teachers for clarification of expectations 
  • Monitoring the quality of assignments given and returned
  • Establishing a consistent learning environment at home
  • Talking with your child about the learning occurring daily


  • School starts on Tuesday, September 8, 2020 for all students K-12; virtual experiences will be provided
  • Fall Sports resume with limitations; football games are until the Spring (updates weekly)
  • We are pursuing opportunities for self-contained special education students to be face to face (Barth, Romulus Middle School, RHS ONLY)
  • Nana's Corner, childcare for children ages 3-8, is available to families
  • Enrollment for GSRP and HeadStart is open
  • Construction projects have resumed at Barth, Halecreek, Wick, Romulus Elementary, Romulus Middle School, and Romulus High School
  • All Chromebook requests are part of the registration process
  • All Chromebook deployment will start on the first day of school on the Romulus High School campus
  • If you visit Romulus High School, Door 29 near Dollar General is the door in which you must enter. The others are closed due to construction
  • Our district website is now romulusk12.org
  • Follow us on our NEW Twitter page @Romulusk12 (being constructed now)
  • Our School of Choice window is open and closes October 6, 2020 (share the news)
  • In the coming months, we will be selling, without any doubt, some of our vacant properties
  • The RECC (early childhood program) is virtual

7 Correlates of Effective Schools

What separates RCS from other competitors will be our specific attention to the Correlates. Our resurgence will be immediate, and intentional

  1. Visionary Leadership
  2. Safe and Orderly Environment
  3. Ongoing Student Assessment
  4. Positive Home - School Relationships
  5. Student Time on Task and Opportunity to Learn
  6. High Expectations for Student and Staff
  7. Clear Mission Statement

If you are to ever visit our schools, please look for examples of these, as they will define our efforts. When you see positive examples, let the staff know. And when you see compromises in them, let the staff know. 

Romulus Community Schools is Realigned. Reshaped. ReimaginedMore than just words.

Dr. Edmondson and Mr. Martell in from of Central Office

President Martell (right) and I (left) working on behalf of the community. Feel free to stop by with your mask and introduce yourself. Generally speaking I will avail myself upon your visit. If you wish to be more intentional, please contact my administrative assistant, Paula Gutzman, at pagutzman@romulusk12.org.

Martell and Edmondson social-distanced for this particular photo.