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Good Afternoon RCS Family:

We continue to get word of your curiosity as to when we might have you report back to work. As you know, I continually keep you updated in the most timely manner that I can provide given all of my competing interests. Certainly, you knew an update was nearing.

There is no intention to have you, staff, report, physically, to work next week. At the earliest for such expectation, it would be the day after MLK Observance (January 19). I will keep you posted through Facebook and social media outlets, my preferred communication outlet moving forward.

Rumored as reported in the Associated Press, Governor Whitmer hopes that all Michigan schools will open face-to-face by March 1. Dr. Lause and an ad hoc committee are working on providing me a plan that I might recommend to the Board of Education. In no way should I be misinterpreted. We are working on a potential plan to open our schools. If it can be done logistically, orderly, and safely, we will return in the anticipated time frame.

Dr. Benjamin P. Edmondson, Superintendent