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Summer School

Dear RCS Families,

As you may be aware, RCS has worked on developing a summer school intensive academic program specifically designed to provide additional support for students who had significant learning loss during the 2020-2021 school year. 

Based on a review of assessment data, grades, and state test results, each school identified students who are most significantly below grade level and recommended their attendance for intensive summer school. 

Each school sent letters and made phone calls directly to all families whose children that were identified as high need to attend the intensive summer school program.

Confirmation letters for all K-5 students who have signed up for the summer intensive program will be emailed to parents tomorrow, Tuesday, June 1st.  

This letter will also include information on how parents can make their selections for the K-5 enrichment program opportunities that are available as part of the intensive program. 

Due to space and teacher availability, the number of spots available for K-5 students to attend summer school has been limited. 

If you do not receive a confirmation letter, but would like your child to attend summer school, you can reach out to your child’s principal and ask them to place you on a waiting list. You will be notified directly of any openings that become available.

The confirmation letter only applies to K-5th grade students. Middle school and high school staff have been in direct contact with families to notify them of their child’s attendance in the summer school program. If you have any questions about your middle or high school child’s status for summer school, please contact: