Halecreek Summer School Closed

Due to area flooding, ALL Summer School and Enrichment programs will be canceled Thursday, August 12th.

Summer school held at Halecreek Elementary ONLY will be closed Thursday, August 12th due to power outages.  Any student that normally attends the Enrichment Program will still be able to participate but will be responsible for transportation to RHS with a start time of 1:15pm.  Students that normally receive transportation home from the Enrichment Program will still receive the same transportation.  

Halecreek Principal Letter

Dear Families:

We hope that you and your families are doing well at this trying and uncertain time. We know that you have had many changes in your homes and lives. We have also had many changes in the education system. Everything is new to all of us. Never the less, we are working constantly to make sure that our students continue the learning process. We would like to express how much we appreciate how you as parents have continued to partner with us to educate our children during remote learning. 

Halecreek Emergency Drills

All Michigan public schools are required to conduct safety drills throughout the school year to ensure students and staff are well-prepared in the event of an emergency. Per Michigan Public Act 12 of 2014, schools must conduct the following safety drills annually: