Building Network

This Building Network is defined as the building principal, other building administrators (if any), and teacher leaders who often comprise the building’s leadership team.

Performance Management

This driver system enables the district to understand and respond to the quality of the Blueprint’s installation on two distinct levels:

Problem Solving

This system provides a specific process for facilitating effective data conversations across the district, and establishes a spirit of inquiry so that the district and buildings utilize the analysis of multiple measures of data in order to “improve student, teacher, and leader performance in a short amount of time.”  We utilize the district established protocol for looking at data to identify strengths and barriers for student and staff success in areas that directly impact teaching and learning.  

Phone Protocol and Etiquette

  1. When you answer the phone, be warm, enthusiastic, and professional.
    • Your voice on the phone is sometimes the only impression of our School district a caller will get. (Phone calls to the classroom should only be for an emergency)
  2. When answering the phone, welcome callers courteously and identify yourself and the building immediately. Say, for instance,
    • “Having a great day at Romulus Middle School, this is George, how may I help you?”
    • "Good morning. Barth Elementary. Susan is speaking.

Communication Protocol

Internal Communication - At either the district or building level, relevant information that leadership would expect to be known and understood by everyone will be communicated electronically using the district’s email system.

Chain of Command

Every effort should be used to follow the Chain of Command in communicating. The building administrators are responsible for the operation of the building. Any concerns must first be brought to the attention of the principal. If a problem is not addressed at that building level, the next level is the Central Office Director, if appropriate, if not resolved a meeting is scheduled with the superintendent. Superiors cannot address issues and concerns if they are not aware of them. Most problems and resolutions can be dealt with professionally if communication lines remain open.


The RCS Communication Driver System defines systems and expectations for how the urgency of the blueprint work is advancing, communication protocols for staff members, and providing two-way communication throughout the district.  Our system provides clear internal and external communication procedures in order to illustrate how the district guides and supports improvements in teaching and learning, and to clarify the distinct but interconnected roles of both the district and the school during Blueprint installation.  We believe that communication between the dis

Intense Student Support Network

The Romulus Community Schools Intense Student Support Network is an empowering, systematic structure that ensures we meet each student’s non-academic needs (Care, Support, Safety, and Membership) to eliminate barriers and develop the confidence for high academic achievement.

We believe that all adults take part in and work to enhance the following GUIDING PRINCIPLES as part of our high expectations for high achievement for every student, every day as we live out the ISSN Vision:

District Network

The District Network is a team of leaders from across the district that is led by the superintendent to define and enhance systems in order to “…improve student, teacher, and leader performance in a short amount of time.”  The superintendent, along with central office administrators, building administrators, union representatives, and board members work collaboratively to guide purposeful systemic reconfiguration and to sustain the organization’s sense of urgency in realizing a dramatic improvement in student, teacher, and leader performan