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Greetings Romulus Community Schools (RCS) Families/Prospects:

The success of Romulus Community Schools (RCS) is predicated upon a harmonious partnership with you, our parents, to provide support. Research shows that student success is predicated upon a strong relationship between parents and the school. The more involved the parent, the more successful the student. We encourage our parents to support our efforts and to demand that their child(ren) respect the school rules, norms, and expectations on a daily basis. 

Public education has undergone a major transformation in the last five years that has us redefining our purpose, which is largely impacted by teacher shortages, technology, social media, the rewired child brain, and the COVID pandemic. What once worked a decade ago, likely, is not as successful now and viewed as outdated. Schools are finding themselves competing for student engagement and relevance, as technology is our greatest competitor yet “friend.” 

RCS strives to be a destination district, one where families move into the City because of the image of our schools. We understand to accomplish this we must 1) have high student achievement, 2) pay our staff well, and 3) establish and maintain a positive culture and climate, which includes a safe and orderly environment. We are working diligently and intentionally with this in mind. 

As Superintendent of RCS, in cooperation with our Board of Education, we are resetting the culture and climate, with an emphasis on branding, stability, and vision. We have committed ourselves to align our offerings with our ever changing, global world. Consequently, it is our intent to introduce a new focus and programming that align with skilled trades, and entrepreneurship, as the City of Romulus is built on both; we are working toward emphases on mathematics and science offerings and after school opportunities for students; we are envisioning student internships; we are continuing to establish partnerships with our local businesses and industries; and we are uniting our community through a shared vision with the Mayor and City Council of One Romulus.

It is my short-term desire as the leader of the district that we reinvent our school programming to include hands-on exploration, foreign language immersion, advanced placement, career and technology education, middle college, and international baccalaureate. These are my ambitions, and with your support, engagement, and expectations, RCS will become that destination district for all families and residents residing in our City and assure that all students leave us with the attitude, skill set, and work ethic to be successful in our ever changing world.

Come see what we have to offer and consider this as your personal invitation.

Go Eagles!

Dr. Benjamin P. Edmondson, Superintendent

Romulus Community Schools

Dr. Benjamin P Edmondson
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Eve Camilleri
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