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Community Partnerships

Community Partnerships

If you represent a local business or organization that shares our passion for empowering young minds and promoting career readiness, we extend a warm invitation to connect with us. We are eager to explore how we can collaborate to create meaningful opportunities for our students and strengthen our community ties. Please complete the interest form below to contact the Community Partnerships Coordinator.

The Eagle Internship Program
An opportunity for students to learn about careers and explore interests. Students interact with working professionals and get to experience the rhythms and requirements of the workplace at local businesses. Learn more in the video below!

Expectations for Partnerships

When a partnership is established, the District and the partner develop a memorandum of understanding jointly. Following are some of the expectations that are included in the document:

  • Only individuals whose criminal background checks do not reveal disqualifying offenses may perform services in the schools or with the students at other locations. Volunteer forms can be found HERE.
  • In most cases, partnerships must be externally funded. Exceptions include joint grant development between the district and the partner, or cases where the district is purchasing services.
  • Partner staff and volunteers must abide by Romulus Community Schools Board of Education Policies and school-specific rules and protocols, as well as local, state, and federal laws.  Any questions will be directed to the district-designated partnerships coordinator or administrator. 
  • The district is invested in tracking success and evaluating outcomes of all co-curricular programming. Partners are expected to assist in data collection and provide input regarding program results. Likewise, the district will share information with the partners regarding evaluation conclusions.