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Sinking Fund Updates

The vote passed in November of 2018 for a 10-Year Sinking Fund. The estimated tax levy value would generate $2.3M per year and yield $23M over ten years. Currently, the sinking fund is yielding roughly $2.8M per year and it is expected that it will yield $28M over the ten years. Barton Malow had done a facility assessment across the district establishing needs at all district facilities. IDS has been regularly revisiting the assessment with the Sinking Fund committee and balancing projects from the assessment along with district priorities that have arisen since the assessment.



RHS – Catch Basins & Water Main
RHS – Elevator Replacement
RMS – Football Field Lighting
Barth Elementary– Roof Replacement
Halecreek Elementary – Toilet Room Partitions
RECC – Controls Replacement



District Wide – Cafeteria Flooring
RHS – Secured Entry & Signage
RMS – Water Heater & Boiler
Barth Elementary– Toilet Room Partitions
Barth Elementary– Bus Loop Replacement
Halecreek Elementary – Chiller, Roof & Floor
RECC - Signage


2021 (update)

RMS – Signage
Romulus Elementary – Signage
Barth Elementary  – Secured Entry & Signage
Wick Elementary  – Secured Entry & Signage
Halecreek Elementary – Secured Entry & Signage
Admin Building - Signage



RHS – Gym EIFS Replacement
RMS – Secured Entry
RMS – Roof Replacement
Romulus Elementary – Secured Entry
RMS - Bus loop & Fire Trail



RMS – Ceiling & Lighting Replacement



RHS – Ball Fields & Tennis Courts
RMS – Athletic Fields & Track