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Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

The Romulus Community Schools District’s Curriculum is designed around the common core standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics as well as the Michigan Academic Standards and the Grade Level and High School Content Expectations for all other content areas.


Our goal is to ensure that each of our students benefit from a “guaranteed and viable curriculum” which means that all students have an equal opportunity to learn rigorous content.  As a district, we focus on the 4 essential questions of a Professional Learning Community to guide our work around curriculum, instruction, and assessment:

  1. What do we want our students to know, learn, and be able to do?
    • We strive to deliver instructional strategies and implement curriculum resources that are high quality, evidence/research-based, relevant, meaningful, innovative, and engaging.  As a collaborative staff, we have identified “power standards” which are the most essential standards needed in each course, subject, and/or grade level. We are committed to each student having access to the same content, knowledge, and skills. Due to this, our teachers and administrators receive ongoing professional learning on best practice instructional strategies and well as cultural competency.
  2. How will we and the students know if they have learned the content?
    • We use both formative and common summative assessments.  Formative assessments are used throughout the lessons to guide the teachers’ instruction and the students’ learning.  Summative assessments are used to measure mastery towards the power standards and essential skills.
  3. What do we do if the students have not learned the content?
    • For students needing extra assistance, a multi-tiered system of supports are put in place.  These interventions take place in and outside of the classroom setting.
  4. What do we do if the students have already learned the content?  
    • For students ready to move at a quicker pace, we have extended learning opportunities. These opportunities also take place in and outside of the classroom setting.

Romulus Community Schools strives to ensure that all of our students are college and career ready.


The links below provide resources and information that we hope you find valuable.  Please contact our office at (734) 532-1641 should you have any questions.


Curriculum Council

The Curriculum Council is a standing committee charged with facilitating the implementation of the curriculum review and implementation process. The Council engages in collaborative decision-making to ensure that our students are engaged in learning through a rigorous, challenging, meaningful curriculum designed to prepare them for college, work, and the world.




Interim Executive Director of Early Childhood-12th Grade Instruction

Dr. Yolanda Bloodsaw