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MISTAR StudentConnection is a web-based application that allows you to view information for your current school year from any Internet-capable computer. Using StudentConnect, you may view attendance, report card grades and other school information.


Please note that StudentConnection account usernames and passwords remain the same from last year and you do not need to register for access in the new school year.


MISTAR ParentConnection is a web application that provides parents with direct access to student data via the Internet. Using a confidential PIN (personal identification number) and password, parents can connect to the school district’s student database using a web browser and view their child’s data, such as progress reports, attendance records, report cards, transcripts, and more.


If parents would like to activate their child's account they need to email [email protected] and include:

  • Your First and Last Name
  • Your students' First and Last Name
  • The school they attend

You will receive your PIN and password in about 1-2 school days.  It will remain the same throughout your children's enrollment in Romulus Community Schools.


If you forget your PIN or password, you can always email a request at [email protected].

Also, Check out the Q Parent Connection apps inthe Apple Store and Google Play.